The backlash from men is a good sign

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When I voice my opinion online, men often draw the same, repeated conclusions over me. I’m told I’m bitter and hate men. I’m jealous of beautiful women, and am ugly, fat, with excessive body hair, tattoos, blue hair and piercings. No man wants me for sex, nor a relationship. I won’t ever have children and will live a lonely, sad existence, surrounded by cats.

The wall will hit me hard, and I will die alone. I am a whore (despite no man wanting me for sex) and someone should rape and murder me; after I make these men a sandwich…

If only there’d been some way to prevent Katie Hopkins from endangering others

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Who knew a white person with loud, hateful opinions of minority groups could be a danger to others? Many of us did. But it came as a shock to the Australian government and Channel Seven. Katie Hopkins, the English columnist and right-wing celebrity, is finally going to be deported from our country. Many of us question why Australia allowed her into our country at all.

How do you solve a problem like Katie?

What do you do when someone makes statements like this?

  • ‘Palestinians busy knifing Israelis. 2 state solution my arse. Filthy rodents burrowing beneath Israel. Time to restart the bombing campaign.’
  • ‘I’m not a big fan…

Apart from adding to the trauma of victims everywhere

“The World Affairs Council and Girard College present Bill Cosby” by World Affairs Council of Philadelphia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In my childhood, Bill Cosby was a wonderful father to me. No, I don’t need to provide a DNA test to prove this. Obviously, he isn’t my biological dad. But for my generation (gen-x), he was the world’s TV father. Since I was a toddler, I devoured Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids on TV. Bill taught me lessons every day about being a good kid. Doing what’s right. He was the coolest guy on the planet, and I can’t imagine a single child at the time who wasn’t enthralled by him and his fun cartoon.

We were a Bill…

Won’t someone consider men’s feelings in this?

Victoria’s secret model
Victoria’s secret model
“Victoria Secret Show 2009” by is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Times are tough for men today. They’ve discovered Victoria’s Secret is changing the way they do things. For one, there’ll be no more ‘angel’ models wearing wings on the catwalk. To add insult to injury, they’ve created the VS Collective; a group of seven women to act as advisors to the company, model the products in ads, and promote the brand on Instagram. Worse still? The women aren’t even supermodels!

Goodness, there’s a skier headed for the Olympics, an Olympian soccer player, and dare I say it, a plus-sized model on the team. Someone fetch the smelling salts! …

The trial encouraging pharmacists to ‘counsel’ women seeking emergency contraception

Women dressed in white bonnets and red robes as hand maids from The Handmaid’s Tale
Women dressed in white bonnets and red robes as hand maids from The Handmaid’s Tale
“The Handmaid’s Tale” by vpickering is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Imagine you’ve had unprotected sex. You’re trying to access the morning-after pill. Or you’re in the early stage of pregnancy and have chosen to take the abortion pill. You rock up to the pharmacy to buy your medication and the person behind the counter wants to have a word with you.

‘Would you like a private counselling session to learn about contraception?’

How do you feel? What do you say?

The Australian government has provided funding for a university trial in several states. The Daily Telegraph reports:

Pharmacists would offer birth control counselling to women who want the emergency contraceptive…

Or is that asking too much?

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Three approaches will save the world from COVID-19:

  • everyone taking steps to prevent spread of the disease, via hygiene practices, and quarantine and mask-wearing where needed.
  • Worldwide vaccination of the majority.
  • Compassion; looking out for each other.

That last one, compassion? Yeah, we need more people to jump on that train. I’m fed up with petty fighting between people who want the vaccine and others who reject it. People on both sides screaming, ‘sheep!’ The back-biting makes sensible discussion impossible without being howled down. Can’t we discuss the facts without making people ashamed to ask reasonable questions?

Hell. I mentioned…

Not that I’d ever left

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Most of my stories are for Medium readers, not writers. Today, I made an exception. I have four reasons for this:

  • To give Medium feedback on how the bonuses affect writers.
  • My personal catharsis. I need to get some shit off my chest.
  • To give other Medium writers ideas I hope are helpful.
  • To address people’s complaints about missing out on bonuses and adjust their attitudes if needed.

Note: this story will contain links, none of them are affiliate links; but tools I use. Any social media mentioned does link to my personal accounts.

I’ve been writing on Medium for…

By author: Sharon Hurley Hall

Image courtesy of Sharon Alger

Sharon Hurley Hall, an anti-racism writer, is the author of Exploring Shadeism. As a white feminist, I’m aware of feminism’s history of excluding black women’s experience from our activism. I want to do my part to rectify this wrong by educating myself as much as possible on women of color’s experience of feminism (or womanism, a term I have learned thanks to Allison Gaines).

My feminist reading list to date has predominantly featured the works of white authors. They made efforts towards inclusion, which is a good thing. However, I want to read the works of non-white writers, too. I…

Let’s knock virginity firmly off its pedestal

Image created by author on Canva

Society has a strange attitude towards virginity, huh? We broach this in mainstream media through a hetero-normative lens. Our broad definition of virginity’s end is via penis in vagina (PIV) sex.

We treat sex as a milestone; the maker of women and men, when in reality we need to reach a certain maturity level before we start. Mainstream culture is just exploring virginity outside of PIV intercourse, as we become more aware of non-straight sex.

Our culture’s approach towards virginity is toxic and often contradictory. Aren’t we’re overdue to give virginity a much-needed makeover? Young people today are staying virgins…

Is ageing honestly the worst thing that can happen to a woman?

Photo by Dmitry Nikulnikov from Moose

Let’s dissect the cautionary tale delivered to young women about ‘hitting the wall;’ a horror story of love, rejection, fear, revenge, and wrinkles. The ‘wall’ is a new term; the concept is centuries old.

Society teaches women to fear the passage of time. One day, they warn young women, you will grow old. You will age, gain weight, your boobs will drop, and wrinkles will take over your face. This is the ‘wall’, and depending on who you speak to, the age women reach it varies. Different men say the age is 25, 30, or 40.

This is a popular…

Sharon Alger

I’m an Aussie mother, carer, dog-lover and feminist. I write about feminism, humor, opinion pieces, and whatever else I feel like.

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